Book Review: Minority Leader by Stacey Abrams

Senator Abrams calls this book “part memoir, part advice, and part alchemy.”  She’s the coolest politician-alchemist I can think of: business owner, entrepreneur, lawyer, State Senate minority leader, annnnnd romance novelist. (Name: Selena Montgomery.)


This book comes across as honest and appropriately confident advice for anybody seeking a leadership position while facing adversity.   For those that don’t face the specific race, class, or gender barriers that Senator Abrams faces, there’s much to learn and think about in the ways she describes how she overcame challenges, how she makes high-impact decisions, and how she learned from her mistakes.  Each chapter ends with some do-now exercises aimed towards young, ambitious readers.


I’ll be recommending this book to my politically interested book club and I’ll keep it in mind as a graduation present (though I don’t think I know anybody graduating this year!)  I also want to give some copies to my local elected officials for them to have and pass on as they see appropriate.


Book Review: What I Leave Behind, by Alison McGhee

Review copy courtesy of Simon and Schuster. On sale date 5/15/18.


100 chapters of 100 words each, each chapter its own blessing and gift, so to speak.


This book is less about movement of plot or fully developed characters and more about place, time, and moments.  The small gifts we all have, and the gifts we have to remember to share.


I can’t say this was my favorite book, but I can tell you exactly whom I’m giving it to next.